Trajanje: 25th October 2023 (Wednesday)
Lokacija: Belgrade, Serbia
Cena: Price per person - 15€

    25th October 2023 (Wednesday)

    A walk through Belgrade’s underground sites will reveal his most secrets. Belgrade is a city with a rich history and heritage, and a tour of Underground Belgrade is one of the best and most interesting ways to get to know the secrets of this city and its unusual, underground localities, each with a special charm.
    Gathering of guests on Kalemegdan in front of the Monument of Gratitude to France at the agreed time.
    Passing through the Karađorđe Gate – It got its name in memory of the entry of Karađorđe and the insurgent Serbian army into the fortress at the beginning of 1807. For a long time it was believed that Karađorđe entered the fortress through this gate… Passing through the inner Stambol gate and Sahat Gate. Descending into a large underground bunker from the time of the Informburo – The bunker was built in 1948 due to the need of the country at that time to defend itself against a possible attack by the Soviet Union. The Yugoslav People’s Army decided to build a bunker in a strategically extremely important place, with openings for cannons and anti-tank artillery, but also with all the necessary supporting programs in the event of an attack, including water tanks made of unusual material. We will remind you how much Belgrade has a turbulent history even in peacetime days…
    Roman Well – a mysterious building buried in the rocky ground near “Pobednik” („The Victor“) three centuries ago. The Roman well is also called the “navel of the world” and it was believed to be the place from where the mythical hero Orpheus descended to the underworld.
    Descending into the underground lagoon of the Great gunpowder warehouse and paying homage to one of the greatest relics of the Christian world, Jonah’s sarcophagus, which is about 1500 years old. Danube slopes and was created during the great Austrian reconstruction of the Belgrade Fortress. Construction lasted only two years. Around this building, in the middle of the 18th century, an extremely strong protective rampart was built. In the first hall, there is a display of Roman stone monuments, stelae, sarcophagi and altars that were collected and brought from numerous sites in Belgrade, Kosmaj and Kostolac over the years.
    Departure to the underground lagum in Karađorđeva Street. Today a winery, it once served as a warehouse for river traders who stored goods arriving from the Sava and Danube rivers, and then transported them to Kosančićev venac with the help of an elevator. Serving wine and a break from the underground Belgrade adventure awaits us. End of trip.
    The duration of the excursion is about 2 hours.


    *Minimum number of people for the implementation of the program is 15

    –  Cash payment of full amount at the branch
    – By invoice: with the pro-invoice issued by the agency Jungman Travel, the entire amount in advance upon acceptance of the offer.

    – Guide services during the tour in English,
    – Tickets for the underground spaces at the Belgrade Fortress,
    – Wine tasting in the Wine Cellar (lagum in Karađorđeva),
    – Travel organization costs.

    – Individual passenger expenses.

  • NOTES:
    – Any change in the excursion program by the passenger himself during the trip, and with the consent of the agency representative, does not represent a change in the contracted program
    – The deadline for registration is 15 days before the trip or until the place is filled
    – The travel organizer reserves the right to change the excursion program (order of certain contents in the program due to objective circumstances). After accepting the program, all travelers are obliged to familiarize themselves with the contracted travel program, payment conditions, travel health insurance conditions and general travel conditions of the travel agency.
    – The organizer is not responsible for any different verbal information about the travel program, received by agency workers as well as workers of authorized subagents, which are not in accordance with the elements of the concluded travel contract.
    – The minimum number of passengers for the realization of the trip is 15. The arrangement can be realized with a smaller number of passengers with the necessary corrections of the price and conditions of the trip with the consent of the registered passengers. In case of an insufficient number of passengers, the deadline for informing about the cancellation of the arrangement is no later than 5 days before departure.
    – The passenger can declare a complaint at the place designated for receiving complaints orally, by phone, in writing or electronically, with the delivery of the contract on the sold arrangement. The agency and the carrier are obliged to issue a written confirmation to the consumer or electronically confirm the receipt of the complaint, and to respond to the complaint in writing or electronically within 8 days from the day of receipt of the complaint at the latest.
    The program is subject to the General Travel Conditions of the travel organizer – Jungman Travel DOO, license of the Ministry of Tourism OTP 187/2021
    Price list number 1 from 20.03.2023.

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