Trajanje: 17th June 2023 (Saturday)
Lokacija: Bela Cekva lakes, Viminacium and Ram Fortress
Cena: Price per person 50€


    17th June 2023 (Saturday) – excursion

    Departure at 7:30 a.m. from the Skate Park, next to the Branko bridge, across from Ušće shopping mall.
    Drive to Viminacium, the most important Roman city and military fortress on the Danube. Tour of tombs, Roman thermal baths and complex of archaeological sites. The area of ​​the former Roman Empire was located at the intersection of the roads that connected the northern part of the Balkan Peninsula with the rest of the Roman Empire, one of them led towards today’s Macedonia and Greece, and the other along the Danube River to the Black Sea. That it was an important Roman stronghold even then is evidenced by the information that many Roman emperors stayed in Viminacium and that it was an extremely important economic and trade center of that time.
    Continue driving to the Danube and Ram fortress.

    * “In its current form, the fortress survived from the time of the Turkish Sultan Bayazit II. It is said that, while fighting in these areas, he stopped to rest on a high ground from where a beautiful view of all four sides was visible. Sitting like that on his “ihram” (rug) he fell asleep, only to wake up a little later refreshed and reborn. Then he ordered that a fortress be built for him in this place. Along with the fortress, there are also the remains of a hammam and a well-preserved caravanserai.” – *text taken from the TO Veliko gradiste website

    Tour of the fortress and coffee in a restaurant next to the Danube.
    Driving on the Danube, by boat – ferry Danube transportation. Disembarkation in Stara Palanka. Departure to Bela crkva Lakes. With it’s 7 lakes, Bela Crkva is called the city of lakes. Bela Crkva lakes, because of their characteristics, are often called the pearl necklace of Banat
    Free time for lunch. Before departure, a visit to the viewpoint from where you can see the Bela Crkva, the lakes and the Danube.
    Departure for Belgrade. Arrival in Belgrade in the evening. End of program.


    *Minimum number of people for the implementation of the program is 30

    – Cash payment of the full amount at the branch,
    – By invoice: with the pro-invoice issued by the agency Jungman Travel, the entire amount in advance upon acceptance of the offer.

    – Off-line bus transportation (high-floor or double-decker, audio, video equipment, average comfort, excluding food and beverage services, etc. during the trip) on the route according to the travel program,
    – Tickets for transportation by boat – ferry on the route Ram – Banatska Palanka,
    – Entrance ticket to the archaeological site of Viminacium,
    – Entrance ticket to the archaeological site Ramska fortress,
    – Guide services during the tour in English,
    – Travel organization costs.

  • NOTES:
    – Any change in the excursion program by the passenger himself during the trip, and with the consent of the agency representative, does not represent a change in the contracted program
    – The deadline for registration is 15 days before the trip or until the place is filled
    – The travel organizer reserves the right to change the excursion program (order of individual contents in the program due to objective circumstances). After accepting the program, all travelers are obliged to familiarize themselves with the contracted travel program, payment conditions, travel health insurance conditions and general travel conditions of the travel agency.
    – The organizer is not responsible for any different verbal information about the travel program, received by agency workers as well as workers of authorized subagents, which are not in accordance with the elements of the concluded travel contract.
    The minimum number of passengers for the realization of the trip is 30. The arrangement can be realized with a smaller number of passengers with the necessary corrections of the price and conditions of the trip with the consent of the registered passengers. In case of an insufficient number of passengers, the deadline for informing about the cancellation of the arrangement is no later than 5 days before departure.
    – The passenger can declare a complaint at the place designated for receiving complaints orally, by phone, in writing or electronically, with the delivery of the contract on the sold arrangement. The agency and the carrier are obliged to issue a written confirmation to the consumer or electronically confirm the receipt of the complaint, and to respond to the complaint in writing or electronically within 8 days from the day of receipt of the complaint at the latest.

    This program is subject to the General Travel Conditions of TA Jungman Travel, Belgrade, Ministry of Tourism license OTP 187/2021.
    Price list No. 1 from March 20, 2023.

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